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My roots run deep in the Adirondacks; it's been my home for most of my life. I know the people, the area, what's changed, and what's coming. Over the last 15 years, I have walked through countless homes and stood on every shoreline. I have watched the market change and carefully studied codes and regulations - I have the information you need to feel confident in your decision. I'm not here to help you buy a property but to help you find your place to call home.

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Here are a few tips for finding your "Perfect Property"

In our initial consultation, we will discuss your preferred method to receive updates on new inventory.  Keep an eye on your email or text
messages. I will do my best to notify you immediately when something comes up. If a property looks interesting, please let me know. If you are far away, I am happy to arrange a property preview via video or Facetime.

When you are ready to view a property, please get in touch with your lender before your visit. You will want a pre-qualification letter (or proof of funds) that can be submitted with your purchase offer. A desirable property may receive multiple offers, and sometimes negotiations move quickly. Getting pre-qualified takes 10-20 minutes, and it is a worthwhile effort.

As you look at properties online or in person, consider if your expectations align with your desired price range. Don’t overlook homes on the market for a long time. These homes are often offered at a reduced price. Let’s discuss why other Buyers haven’t been interested in each property and carefully consider how you feel about each perceived defect. Buyers have different needs; one of these properties may work fine for you.

Keep an open mind. It is highly unlikely that every home you view will be finished or decorated to your specifications. Take a moment to consider what modifications could make the home more suitable.

Prioritize your wish list. Unfortunately, the supply of properties in the Adirondacks is somewhat limited, and it can take years to find one that is a great fit. If you find a property that offers 80% of the items on your wish list, you may have just found your “perfect property"!

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"Timm Associates | Sotheby's International Realtors is an amazing agency. I would definitely recommend using them for your next home purchase in the Adirondack Region, Upstate New York."
"Goes above and beyond for her clients. Raised here, Heather knows a great deal about the area and will absolutely help you find the best house or sell yours. Highly recommend."

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